Tchico’s Biography


Francisco Aziz José Harsfouche Pinto, nicknamed "Tchico" by his clients and painter friends who follow his work closely. Born on the 20th of September 1976, in Guinea-Bissau, from a Portuguese father and a Lebanese mother, Tchico is the second oldest of four brothers of a humble and multicultural family. Married 14 years ago, father of 3 children (two daughters and a son). Family values and humility are reflected in his lifestyle, marked by social aspects and care for others. The gift of art manifested itself very early, at 5 years old he was already recopying drawings.


At the age of 10, Tchico drew graffiti in the streets. Of course, as a good Christian, he drew the faces of catholic figures.


At 11 years old, he dreamt of becoming a professional painter and wasn’t afraid to admit it to his father. His passion for art was over the limit, he asked his father for a bicycle so he could go paint 16 km away from the home, but his father refused. So he discretely took his neighbor’s bicycle to go paint in the woods. Often, he was late and there was nothing in the fridge. The passion was so strong that, multiple times, Tchico skipped class to go paint.


Still in Africa (Guinea-Bissau), he was a visual education and history teacher in Canchungo, during 3 years.


Due to political instability in the country, Tchico had to emigrate to Portugal where he worked as an electrician. Combative and with an contractor spirit, he created his small company called “Energy Lux” in which he made electrical installations and telephone networks for various banks. However, his passion for art was like oxygen for him, it drove him to spread his emotions trough graffiti in the streets of Lisbon. In the hearth of the capital, the clandestine amateur artist was moved by the benevolent counsel of an old man who followed his work. “Why not make what you do on the walls on a screen and live from your passion?”, an idea that rang in him like a revelation. From this point, Tchico simply accepted the idea and started painting images, no matter what his eyes see, what his hands touches, he retransmitting it. Becoming a professional artist was his destiny.


Characterized as a modern painter, with an abstract and positive art style, his paintings are based on the human being. He listens to his clients and take efforts, so the result is as the client wishes. He uses various materials, notably oil, acrylic, and objects to sculpt, while getting inspiration from his earlier artwork. He uses pain to harmonize the habitat trough indoor decoration.


He now lives in Switzerland, in Venthône, a small commune in Valais. Switzerland opened its doors to him and gave him the opportunity to integrate himself. Tchico considers the Swiss people welcoming and professional. He held an exposition for a month in St-Pierre de Clages while working as an assistant electrician at Baillods S.A which helped him a lot. Thanks to this exposition, he sold multiple paintings to private clients from Crans-Montana, Sierre, Zermatt, Sion, Martigny and to various foreign tourists.


He was aiming for the international market to proudly represent his values trough Guinea-Bissau, Portugal, and Switzerland. He is now going towards future projects: Expositions in large galleries or even clothes designing.


His strong traits and his vibrant tones gives vitality and strength to his productions, which makes it unique and most importantly significant for a people perceived in his drawings. Tchico can be defined as an artist by excellence. The themes described and painted are understood through intuition and emotional memory which reveal a love without guilt and which goes beyond the thematic axis by reaching the colors, the lights, the traces and the canvases of a painter in love with his work.


Painting is the world that lives in your daily life, the air you breathe. He was born with it, just live it with him.

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